Punishment18 Records: four brand new releases coming soon!

Punishment18 Records is proud to announce that four new releases today! “The War They Feed” from the thrash band Torment; the new chapter from Bulgarian thrashers Terravore, entitled “Vortex of Perishment”; the thrash album from Wreck-Defy titled “Powers That Be” and last but not least “Mirrors and Screens” of the heavy metal band AnthenorA. You can see the artworks below!
-Punishment18 Records-
Punishment18 Records è orgogliosa di annunciare l’uscita di quattro nuovi album! Sono “The War They Feed” della thrash band Torment; il nuovo capitolo discografico dei thrashers Bulgari Terravore, intitolato “Vortex of Perishment”; l’album della thrash metal band Wreck-Defy “Powers That Be” ed infine “Mirrors and Screens” nuovo disco della band heavy metal degli AnthenorA. Di seguito le cover degli album!
-Punishment18 Records-
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