Emma Zoldan and Mistheria – “Lord Nafaryus”(Dream Theater) acoustic cover

Singer Emma Zoldan (front-woman in Sirenia) and pianist Mistheria (creator/producer of Vivaldi Metal Project) have teamed up to make a cover of “Lord Nafaryus” (taken from Dream Theater‘s album “The Astonishing”).


Following Mistheria‘s invitation to Emma to participate in the new Vivaldi Metal Project album (“EpiClassica”), Mistheria was in turn called by Emma to create this song together as acoustic version, piano and voice duo. Definitely a very special reinvention, a different approach that offers an unusual and intimate interpretation of this beautiful piece.


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Emma Zoldan says: “Dear all, I am very happy and proud to finally share with you the cover I announced some weeks ago! I had the huge pleasure to collaborate once again with Maestro Mistheria (Vivaldi Metal Project), who accepted my invitation to work together on this cover of Dream Theater‘s ‘Lord Nafaryus’. Thanks Mistheria for your amazing work and your kindness. Hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we had fun to make it!


Mistheria says: “Proud and very glad of this collaboration with one of the most extraordinary singers I have ever worked with, Emma Zoldan, a warm, powerful, charming, wonderful voice! After inviting Emma to participate in the upcoming Vivaldi Metal Project album “EpiClassica”, I was very flattered by her invitation to make this song together, an acoustic duo version of the fantastic Dream Theater‘s song ‘Lord Nafaryus’.

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