Soun Infection: new video e new single “In Vitro”

In the previous releases Metal Sharks and Isolate the Infection, the thrash-metal-meets-dubstep group Sound Infection hinted at a sci-fi concept saga spawning several singles tied together into a cohesive storyline. With this new track, the band dives deeper into their original lore revolving around dystopian conflicts between a decadent post-human society and a rebellious cyborg civilization called In Vitro, the saga’s main antagonists (or protagonists? Depends whether you feel more like “Rage against the Machine” or “Rage against Mankind”). Choose your side and prepare for total war!

Link video:


Sound Infection line up


Francesco Ragazzini– Producer/Composer/Keyboardist


Emanuele Evangelista– Bassist/Composer


Leonardo Di Fortunato– Drummer/Composer





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