Crimson Dawn: new album announcement!

The Italian Epic Doom Metal band Crimson Dawn has announced the release of their fourth album, “It Came From The Stars”, during the spring of this year, 3 years after “Inverno” and 1 year after the digital release of the EP “The Open Coffin”, once again on Punishment 18 Records.
“It Came From The Stars” is, for all intents and purposes, the beginning of a new era for the Italian band, with the new singer Claudio Cesari taking the place of Antonio Pecere behind the mic. Line-up changes are always risky, double more so when you have a new vocalist, especially for a band like Crimson Dawn who always put melodies as the focal point of their music; however, Crimson Dawn has once again struck gold with Claudio, whose powerful, commanding voice is a perfect fit for the band’s theatrical, butat the same time heavy and direct, approach. With him, the band has forged anothers lab of truly epic doom, with the usual mixture of influences from traditional metal, folk and ‘70s progressive rock that make their sound unique. You don’thave to take our word for it: just wait for the album to drop!

Crimson Dawn will arise!

Crimson Dawn

Punishment18 Records:

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