Dreamlight Duo: new acoustic project by Mistheria and singer Mariagrazia Di Valentino

Producer, composer, and pianist Mistheria and singer Mariagrazia Di Valentino have just launched their new acoustic project named Dreamlight Duo


Mariagrazia Di Valentino is also part of the vocal group in the Vivaldi Metal Project, created and produced by Mistheria himself, and she is also an actress.


The “Dreamlight” concert features pieces of new-age, crossover-classical and ambient music taken from Mistheria’s solo records (“Dreams”, Keys of Eternity, “Solo Piano”), combined with legendary works by various film and music composers, and wonderful themes taken from well-known musicals. Special interludes narrated by Mariagrazia offer moments of emotional poetry surrounded by the sounds of the piano. The entire repertoire is completely reinvented with arrangements created especially for the Duo. On stage, a piano and a voice that alternate and combine with each other in an intimate and suffused atmosphere, a fusion of sounds and lyrics.


Their first official teaser has been published on their YouTube channel:



The Dreamlight Duo is also reachable on Facebook and Instagram:




For more info and scheduled concerts, please visit http://www.dreamlightduo.com


© 2023 – photos by Massimo La Rosa



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